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8 Unique Things To Do In Soap Lake

8 Unique Things To Do In Soap Lake

I’m not going to lie, there isn’t a whole lot to do in Soap Lake. However, this tiny town in what some might consider the middle of nowhere has an interesting history.

The town is named after the lake at the center of it, and this lake supposedly has miraculous healing properties. Local Native American tribes like the Colville reportedly sent their sick and injured to soak in these healing waters. Washington State in the 1920’s even dubbed the lake the ‘world’s greatest mineral sea’ and ‘Washington’s health resort’ in tourist guides. Folks from all over the state would flock to heal themselves here in the legendary mineral waters.

You see back then, this lake appeared very soapy, hence the name. The water apparently was also very slick and oily feeling. The lake’s oily feeling was due to the high mineral content with a total of 23 different minerals in the water however to this day it is still not known what caused the foam.

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