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Exploring Soap Lake, WA – How to Make a Vacation Out of It

Exploring Soap Lake, WA – How to Make a Vacation Out of It

Washington is a state filled with all kinds of natural wonders, from its stunning Pacific Ocean coastline, to its breathtaking mountains, its lively arts and culture scene, incredible cuisine, and welcoming people. But what happens if you want to get off the beaten track and experience something a bit more peaceful, serene, and that pays homage to the natural beauty of Washington?

Soap Lake can certainly fit the bill for a serene and peaceful destination, but what if you want to make a vacation out of it? Here are some nearby area attractions well worth combining with your visit to Soap Lake.

Summer Falls
If you enjoy the tranquility and beauty that waterfalls offer, then a trip to Summer Falls could be well worth your time. Located just 10 miles away from Soap Lake, this is a quick little trip that will take you to the top end of Billy Clapp Lake and to Summer Falls State Park. The area offers a boat launch since it is popular for fishing, rest rooms, tables and picnic area, and sun shelters.

What makes the falls so unique is that they are man-made. It’s not often the falls will be flowing at full-speed, but it’s still a beautiful sight and area to visit.

Coulee Corridor Scenic Byway
For those in the mood for a road trip, the Coulee Corridor Scenic Byway offers 150 miles worth of wonders and fabulous sights. This area was affected by the Ice Age floods leaving behind spectacular natural scenery and landscapes. You will be driving amongst dry canyons that were actually carved out by the Glacial Lake Missoula floods.

Along the route, there are plenty of points of interest including Potholes State Park, Columbia National Wildlife Refuge, Dry Falls, and the Grand Coulee Dam.

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Exploring Soap Lake, WA – How to Make a Vacation Out of It