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32 Tips for Camping in the Heat (for RV’ers Too!)

32 Tips for Camping in the Heat (for RV’ers Too!)

Summertime usually means vacations, no school, and a busy camping season, but along with summer comes the heat! Camping in the heat can be miserable, but it doesn’t have to be. I’m going to share some great hot weather camping tips so you can still enjoy the long days of summer and stay cooler at your campsite.

How to Stay Cool Tent Camping in the Heat
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1. Choose a campsite that has some shade if possible. Look for a site that has some trees to provide a natural canopy of shade. Even if the tent pad is in the sun, trees surrounding it can provide some shade throughout the day.

2. Put up a tarp or canopy. If you can’t find a shady site, put up a tarp or pop up canopy to provide some shade.

3. Use a tent that is best designed for warm weather camping. That usually will be a tent with plenty of mesh. (Save those heavy canvas tents for colder temps.) The mesh will allow air to circulate into and through the tent. Choosing a light color that doesn’t absorb the heat is a bonus too.

4. Open any windows to allow the breeze (if any!) to blow in. Some larger, cabin type tents have windows that can be unzipped and opened to reveal mesh. Also open any vents and your tent door.

5. Remove the rain fly. Check the weather and if no rain is in the forecast, don’t use the rain fly. The mesh top of the tent will protect you from bugs and removing the rain fly will give you the most airflow. Plus, you can get a great view of the night sky this way! Just keep the rain fly handy in case of pop up showers. You can also hang a tarp over the tent.

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32 Tips for Camping in the Heat (for RV’ers Too!)