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32 Tips for Camping in the Heat (for RV’ers Too!)

Camping In Heat | Soap Lake Resort RV Park

Summertime usually means vacations, no school, and a busy camping season, but along with summer comes the heat! Camping in the heat can be miserable, but it doesn’t have to be. I’m going to share some great hot weather camping tips so you can still enjoy the long days of summer and stay cooler at […]

Exploring Soap Lake, WA – How to Make a Vacation Out of It

Exploring Soap Lake | Soap Lake Resort RV Park

Washington is a state filled with all kinds of natural wonders, from its stunning Pacific Ocean coastline, to its breathtaking mountains, its lively arts and culture scene, incredible cuisine, and welcoming people. But what happens if you want to get off the beaten track and experience something a bit more peaceful, serene, and that pays […]

Part I, Soap Lake’s Healing Waters, a True Story

It Will Cure You | Soap Lake Resort RV Park

The US Food and Drug Administration doesn’t take kindly to claims that a product heals any kind of health condition, and if someone claims that about a mineral lake in the middle of Eastern Washington’s food belt, look out, their representatives will be knocking at your door. That is what happened to Roxie Thorson in […]

The Story Behind This Washington Lake Is Bizarre But True

Soap Lake Resort RV Park

Soap Lake is not your average body of water. This unique mineral lake in eastern Washington was formed back during the Ice Age period, and has been long thought to hold healing properties. It’s even been known to help treat certain medical conditions, and will leave your skin soft and smooth after going for a […]

This Long-Forgotten Lake Town Has Healing Waters and Bangin’ Sausages

Road | Soap Lake Resort RV Park

Years ago, when the travel writer Pam Mandel passed through Soap Lake, Washington, she said “it felt like one of those fake nuclear test site towns.” The hot, arid climate only adds to the deserted feeling. But you could say this little-known town in Eastern Washington was once one of the nation’s premier wellness retreats: […]

8 Unique Things To Do In Soap Lake

Lake | Soap Lake Resort RV Park

I’m not going to lie, there isn’t a whole lot to do in Soap Lake. However, this tiny town in what some might consider the middle of nowhere has an interesting history. The town is named after the lake at the center of it, and this lake supposedly has miraculous healing properties. Local Native American […]